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PROfashion Consulting is a consulting agency that provides full-cycle consulting services in fashion, textiles and light manufacturing. Our team of expert practitioners conducts seminars, workshops and trainings . We cover the widest industry spectrum - manufacturing to retail, product promotion to business financing. We can answer any question!

Oksana Ozerova

I preent an innovative service for technology, design, equipment and development of business processes for sewing factories.


Elena Syagrovets

Europe and Russia have always been and yet always will be strategic partners in the development of small and medium businesses. Today we have all prerequisites for the development of the brand new areas of cooperation. You set ambitious goals- we help you to realize them!


Olga Kamenskaya

You get aprofit, but the current account is empty;
Problems with the formation of wages on the basis of the piece-rate principle;
You don't know how to finance a business;
We will find an individual solution for your particular situation!


Alexey Plyasheshnikov

Why do you actually work? I am sure the majority replies they do it to earn money. I can tell you not only how to earn money correctly, but also how to enjoy your job managing staff, customer service and KPI in the service sector.


Julia Antipova

I will help in promoting your brand in key media and social networks, select brand ambassadors and relevant influenсers so that potential customers will know about you.


Andrey Yakobi

Organic launch of new projects in the Russian fashion industry, selection of a business model, construction of image and reputation.